Perhaps you were led to this site while looking for help configuring ubuntu linux. I've collected instructions for some of the mods and techniques I use and posted them here. Hope you find some of them useful.


The linux and ubuntu information on this site comes from man pages, system documentation, and from many other web sites and forums. I've tried to include references to the works of others but simply can't remember them all. If you see something here that deserves crediting to another source, let me know and I'll gladly include it.

About these pages...

As a beginner in designing webpages these early attempts consist of cutting and pasting html and css code from other sites, then editing with open source html authoring programs like Amaya and KompoZer, but most often just using a plain text editor. (vi or gedit) You can do it too! There are excellent tutorial and example pages like Starting with HTML + CSS and others in the tutorials at the W3C site. I've found thesitewizard.com helpful for both technical and aesthetic guidance, and the HTML Code Tutorial great for quickly finding an unfamiliar tag or formatting method.

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